Physical Requirements Of Plus Size Models

Plus-size models are in demand because the vast majority of people, particularly women, are actually above the standard sizes demanded by the modeling industry. It becomes unrealistic to see thin women wearing clothing on catalogs, in magazines, on online stores, and in advertising. Instead, sometimes we like to see a woman who has a fuller figure, in keeping with the reality of how women actually look for the most part. 

There are not really strict physical requirements for curvy models since there’s no set size that you need to be. However, you have a better chance of getting work if you fit standard sizing – for example if your body is the exact dimensions of a size 16. This will allow you to work as a fit model, pose for catalogs, and so on. The usual fittings start from size 12 and up for this category.

The height requirements are not as strict for plus models as they are for normal models: you can actually be a bit shorter, usually 5”6’ to 5”9’. You might even get away with being smaller than that, as there are examples of successful models at 5”5’.

It may seem like a contradiction, but you will get more work if you are fit, even if you remain plus size. This means toning up and making sure that your body is well-proportioned and tight. As a general rule, having your waist 10 inches smaller than your hips is a good proportion. You will still have to work out a lot, even as a plus-size model! Imagine plus size lingerie models – they need to look great in the items, with the minimum of visible ‘issues’ such as cellulite which are seen as unattractive. 

You also need to try to remain the size that you are, as you won’t be able to keep booking jobs if your weight yo-yos up and down. Clients won’t know what to expect when you turn up, which isn’t great for them.

You should have clear skin and healthy hair and nails, too – so if it is unhealthy habits that keep you a larger size, you’ll have to change the way you live. Essentially, you need to be as healthy as possible while still maintaining your size.

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